PBX Auto Program

PBX® Auto Program pricing is better than retail or fleet.

Get exclusive Cash Back Incentives just for belonging to Pennsylvania Builders Exchange.

This is open to NON-FLEET customers meaning if you have 1 vehicle or 500, the same incentives apply! PBX® Auto program applies to company titled vehicles only. **In order to use the program, your dealer will need to obtain a membership verification letter from Jaclyn Chlop or John Alexander at the Pennsylvania Builders Exchange 412-922-4200 or 717-307-9999

Did you know that you do not have to be recognized as a “fleet” customer to get Better Than Fleet Pricing on your upcoming vehicle purchase?

Typically, a customer needs to be operating with a fleet of 15 or more vehicles or purchase 5 vehicles in the same calendar year to qualify for fleet pricing. The PBX® Auto Program qualifies you receive better than fleet pricing, no matter how many vehicles you purchase.

Did you know that you could save thousands of dollars on a new vehicle?

The PBX® Auto Program provides significant savings on vehicles. Vehicle incentives vary by vehicle model.