Tink Bryan Memorial Award

This award is in memory of Thomas “Tink” Bryan Jr., former President of Frank Bryan Inc. Tink also served as President of The Builders Exchange in 1994. This award is given to someone who gives of their time freely to the construction industry, the community and others often without the knowledge of their peers and often without the recognition that is appropriate to their generosity.

This award was named in honor of Thomas J. (Tink) Bryan Jr .. Tink managed the concrete company his grandfather started, Frank Bryan, Inc. He was on the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Builders Exchange for eleven years and served as President in 1994. He remained involved as Past President until he was fatally injured in a tragic construction-related accident in 1998.

Tink was widely known for his giving spirit, dedication, modesty, and hard-working attitude. He was well respected in the construction industry and even his competitors were amazed at how freely he gave himself to the community and the industry. The construction industry is often perceived to be a sharply competitive business environment. We know, how-ever it is full of people who give themselves freely to the community and others, often without the knowledge of their peers, and often without the recognition that is appropriate to their generosity. Tink Bryan personified this type of individual. He gave freely to the community, the construction industry, individuals, and even his competitors.

Previous Tink Winners:

2000 – John (Jack) Crowley
2001 – Louis E. Waller
2002 – Joseph A. Vater

2003 – Shawn M. Fay, Sr.
2004 – Ann E. Billak
2005 – Shawn P. McCarl

2009 – Ricky “O” Okraszewski
2011 – Howard Pfeifer
2012 – Tom Milletary

2015 – William Lugaila
2017 – Joseph E. Burchick
2019 – Ted & Barbara Frantz